Martin Vermeerin kuva Martin Vermeer FCD,
   geodesian professori emeritus
Rakennetun ympäristön laitos
(Department of the Built Environment)
Insinööritieteiden korkeakoulu
(School of Engineering)
Aalto-yliopisto (Aalto University)
PL 14100, FI-00076 AALTO
Puh/Tel/Signal +358 50 3574139
martin (dot) vermeer (at) aalto (dot) fi




Geodesy materials

Textbooks published in AaltoDoc (bilingual):

Geodesia Geodesy
Fysikaalinen geodesia Physical Geodesy
Navigoinnin menetelmät Methods of Navigation

Bernese 5.2 manual with side-panel table of contents added. Much easier navigation!
(Tool: pdftk with update_info option.)

Bernese 5.2 tutorial

Bernese 5.2 tutorial screen shots

Calculus Fennicus, by Juhani Pitkäranta, compiled with hyperref

Advanced and Satellite Geodesy GeOd 813 lecture videos:
August 3 part 1 part 2 part 3
August 5

Uncertainty. Icelandic text.

Digital Photogrammetry.

The Aalto Exam Archive! Maintained by the Student Guilds together (currently only Aalto/Technology)

Famous land surveyors

James Cook


George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Abraham Lincoln

Three Famous Surveyors
Old Shatterhand

John Tyndall

Willem Schermerhorn

... Surveying is an honourable profession!

Nordic Journal for Surveying and Real Estate Research / Maanmittaus / Maanmittaustieteiden Päivät



Place all files either in your home directory, or a place where LaTeX can find it. Only the .layout file should be placed where LyX can find it. You should reconfigure and restart LyX; before that, reconfigure also LaTeX by running texhash (as root, or through sudo).

example.tex and example.lyx demonstrate usage.


(Unmaintained) The class and LyX layout files for the LaTeX document class "iagproc", for writing articles for IAG Proceedings (Springer) two-column: Tarball here.

VecSol, a GPS baseline processor based on GPStk logo GPStk, the GPS toolkit. Man page Here. Here is an example config file: vecsol.conf.

Tässä suomenkielinen BibTeX-luokkatiedosto tyylilaji "tekijä (vuosi)". Jokseenkin keskeneräinen. Tässä. Laita kotihakemistoon ja valitse BibTeX-tyyli apalike_fi sekä preambleen \usepackage{apalike}.

The LaTeX class and LyX layout files for Institute of Navigation GNSS Proceedings. Unsupported by IoN.

The LyX layout file for ISPRS journal articles. The LaTeX class file is here.


An article on the "Branches" work

"Branches" -työtä kuvaava artikkeli