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Tapio Lokki
  Tapio Lokki, D.Sc.(Tech.)

Associate professor (tenured)
Aalto Acoustics Lab
Department of Computer Science, Aalto University School of Science

Room: E207a, A Grid building  (building #4 on the map)
Street address: Otakaari 5, FI-02150 Espoo, Finland
Postal address: P.O.Box 13100, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland
Phone: +358 40 578 2486    
Email: Tapio.Lokki(at)aalto.fi  View Tapio Lokki's profile on LinkedIn


[22.5.2019] An article Architectural Features That Make Music Bloom in Concert Halls published in MDPI Acoustics.

[31.3.2019] An article Concert hall acoustics -- but on whose terms? published in Finnish Music Quarterly.

[8.3.2019] Great article by Kelsey A. Hochgraf on concert hall acoustics in Acoustics Today.

[21.11.2018] Aki Haapaniemi's PhD defence, Aki's thesis (open access).

[14.10.2018] New blog text on the design of concert halls (in Finnish).

[8.10.2018] Author in 4 papers and a talk in IOA Auditorium Acoustics. Check papers here.

[16.8.2018] A talk in The future of immersive sound event.

[12.6.2018] I was an editor of a special issue on Sound and Music Computing.

[29.5.2018] After extremely busy spring, one AES conference paper published.

[29.1.2018] New web pages of Aalto Acoustics Lab has been published.

[28.1.2018] New blog text (in Finnish)

[12.10.2017] I'll be in a PhD committee at Aalborg University.

[30.9.2017] My blog (in Finnish) at Aalto blogs.

[23.5.2017] I'm honored to be an AES fellow.

[17.2.2017] New article on sensory evaluation of car audio is published.

[2.2.2017] Open PhD student positions! ESR02 and ESR13 are in my team.

[9.1.2017] Final report of a hearing protection proto for musicians.

[10.11.2016] I gave a plenary lecture in Acoustics2016 in Brisbane, Australia.

[6.10.2016] G Livelab is opened, I designed the virtual acoustics system for this venue.

[12.9.2016] I gave a keynote in ISMRA2016 in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

[24.7.2016] A new article on acoustics of concert halls is published in JASA.

[6.6.2016] A brief interview at TEK120 - 120 osaajaa (in Finnish).

[30.5.2016] A blog text (in Finnish) that I wrote for the Academy of Finland.

[22.4.2016] Our team has released a free SDMtoolbox for Matlab.

[21.3.2016] A new article on emotional impact of music in concert halls is published in JASA. press release

[13.2.2016] How binaural audio can be used as a navigation aid, read our new publication and press release.

[30.11.2015] A blog text (in Finnish) on innovations in academia.

[24.11.2015] A presentation at Sensecamp'15 -- Spatial Audio in Denmark.

[19.11.2015] A new article on auditory distance perception in concert halls is published in JASA.

[29.10.2015] A pile of papers presented in IOA Auditorium Acousics in Paris.

[12.10.2015] A 2h lecture in SONORUS workshop in Göteborg, Sweden.

[24.8.2015] One-hour radio interview (in Finnish), link (Yle Areena).

[15.7.2015] A popular science event at Pori's SuomiAreena, videos (in Finnish).

[21.5.2015] A blog text (in Finnish) that I wrote for the Academy of Finland.

[1.4.2015] A new article The acoustics of vineyard halls, is it so great after all? published in Acoustics Australia.

[10.3.2015] A new article Auditory distance presentation in an urban augmented-reality environment published in ACM TAP.

[26.2.2015] Our new popular science article on concert hall acoustics in Europhysics News.

[6.1.2015] More international teaching this week in a BATWOMAN workshop in Detmold, Germany.

Research, Publications, and Scientific Activities

Virtual Acoustics, i.e. concert hall acoustics, auralization, sound rendering, spatial hearing, HRTFs, room acoustics modeling, perception, psychoacoustics, virtual auditory environments, sounds in virtual reality, auditory displays, eyes-free user interfaces, reverberation algorithms, multichannel reproduction, reverberation enhancement ...
See more on Virtual Acoustics research team's publications in Google Scholar.

Major research projects


Freely available research tools

Other major scientific activities



I'm one of the four responsible professors of the new master's programme in Acoustics and Audio Technology. In particular, I'm the responsible lecturer at the following courses:
  • CS-E5500 - Acoustical Measurements
  • CS-C2000 - Ihminen havaitsijana
  • ELEC-E5630 - Acoustics and Audio Technology Seminar
In the past I was responsible lecturer at the following courses:
  • CS-E5500 - Acoustical Measurements, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015
  • ELEC-E5630 - Acoustics and Audio Technology Seminar, Spring 2018, Spring 2016
  • CS-C2000 - Ihminen havaitsijana, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014
  • ME-E2420 - Room Acoustics, Spring 2016
  • ME-E4200 Experimental User Interfaces, Spring 2014, (for EIT ICT students, Fall 2013)
  • T-111.5501 - Seminar on Media Technology (visualization on acoustical measurements), results in Jasa-EL
  • T-111.5400 - Keinotodellisuus (Virtual Reality) (4 op) L (2008, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003)
  • T-111.5600 - Special assingment in digital media (Digitaalisen median erikoistyö) (2-4 op) L (2007 ,2006)
  • T-111.5080 - Seminar, interactive digital theatre (4-8 op) L (2006)
  • T-111.590 - Seminar, 3D sound rendering. (2002)

Acoustics and Audio Technology  –   Master's programme CCIS  –   WebOodi  –  MyCourses


Other Activities

Some past projects and results

I was chosen to be a EspooAmbassador 2013, see more and a press article
Muusikon elektroninen kuulonsuojaus, funded by the The Finnish Work Environment Fund (01.09.2015 - 31.08.2016). See the final report.
Audio Augmented Reality, funded by the Nokia Technologies
BLAAST– a spin-off company based on our research
Management committee member in Cost Action TD0804 on Soundscapes
http://www.hipui.com Development of eyes-free user interfaces for mobile devices (2008-2011)
Intuition - Network of excellence in vIrtual reality aNd virTUal environments applIcaTIONs for future workspaces (2004-2008)
Uni-verse - A distributed interactive audio-visual virtual reality system (2004-2007)
Auralization in slow motion. DEMO
EVE - The Experimental Virtual Environment at HUT (1999-2006)
SARA - Spatial audio and room acoustics (2004-2007)
TAKU - Modeling, desing, and control of acoustics of closed spaces. Tekes funded project 1999-2002. Final report in Finnish and in English of the whole VÄRE program (VÄRE = Control of vibration and sound 1999-2002)
DIVA - Digital Interactive Virtual Acoustics (1997-2002)
HeCSE - Helsinki Graduate School in Computer Science and Engineering (1998-2002). The description of my Doctoral Thesis.
Marienkirche - A visual and aural demonstration film (Presented in SIGGRAPH'98, Electronic Theater).
Demo Sounds in VRML (1998)
NETVE - NETworked Virtual Environments (1997)

Hobbies: family, running, disc golf (download ringtones), used to play clarinet in (Retuperän WBK), ...

Old News

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