mne_rsa.plot_dsms(dsms, names=None, items=None, n_rows=1, cmap='viridis', title=None)[source]

Plot one or more DSMs

dsmsndarray | list of ndarray

The DSM or list of DSMs to plot. The DSMs can either be two-dimensional (n_items x n_items) matrices or be in condensed form.

namesstr | list of str | None

For each given DSM, a name to show above it. Defaults to no names.

itemslist of str | None

The each item (row/col) in the DSM, a string description. This will be displayed along the axes. Defaults to None which means the items will be numbered.


Number of rows to use when plotting multiple DSMs at once. Defaults to 1.


Matplotlib colormap to use. See for all possibilities. Defaults to ‘viridis’.

titlestr | None

Title for the entire figure. Defaults to no title.

figmatplotlib figure

The figure produced by matplotlib