A Dynaco tube amplifier opens its heart.
MP3 sound samples
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Hohtava tajunta
(Shimmering Consciousness, 2001)

Kirjeitä mustasta aukosta
(Letters from a Black Hole, 1995)

Strange music since 1994

Welcome to the home page of Keinomaa (Artificial Ground)! We paint strange soundscapes to somewhat weird lyrics:
Anna Hänninen flutes, bodhrán & other percussions, vocals
Mika Salonoja guitars, vocals, 150 kg of sound-processing hardware
Seppo Sipilä keyboards & such psychedelia generators
Petri Kere bass

Our new album "Hohtava tajunta" ("Shimmering Consciousness") was released in December 2001. MP3 sound samples are available below and on the left.

"Outo eno" (Uncle Oddie) is about the childrens' favourite relative who is scorned by the all the aunties and who's destiny involves a large redshift.

"Alhaisia vaistoja & korkeampaa matematiikkaa" (Lowest Instincts & Higher Mathematics" tells about a fringe-scientific experiment gone awry.

"Musta rusina" (Black Raisin) is the gloomy story of the great critic Seppo Sävel and his creator, Harri Pystynen. You needn't be a physicist to appreciate the lyrics, but it helps.

"Rakkaus ruostuu" (Love Rusts) is a melancholy song about letting go of things and drifting apart.

"Suuri tiedemies Jotuni" (The Great Scientist Sagan), by Tommi UJO, pays homage to a childhood idol. For you English-speaking people, Carl Sagan might be the closest equivalent.

"Kevyt linja" (Life LightTM), also by Tommi UJO, gives the finger to the "LightTM" trend in everything imaginable nowadays. Juuso Kilpeläinen makes an Extra LightTM appearance at the percussions. Thoughts LightTM, anyone?

"Unelma" (Dream), sung by Anna, is a beautiful waltz by the famous American-Finnish songwriter and performer William Syrjälä, who originally recorded it with Viola Turpeinen in the late 1930's. To tip our hats to the American-Finnish community, we put a lot of country influence into this, and then something completely different. Thanks to Heikki Uimonen for the dobro solo! As beautiful as this romantic dream is, the old-fashioned lyrics make it hard to keep a straight face at times.

"Raimo, minä & universumi" (Raimo, Me & the Universe) returns to the theme of two old friends sitting around in the dead of night in deep thought (see "Hearth Song" on our first album). Mika dedicates this one to Rane, the Crazy Poet. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

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