Zheng Zhao Aalto University

  • Doctoral Student, School of Electrical Engineering
  • Prof. Simo Särkkä group
  • Jan 2018 - onward

First year PhD student in Aalto university, focusing on interpreting deep learning in probabilistic ways which can yield uncertainty and tractably inference on large scale datasets. Approaches like stochastic dynamics, Gaussian process and variational methods are encouraging. Also the application on bio-medical scenario (ECG, MRI etc.)

Tags: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, SDE, Gaussian Process, Bio-signal Analysis
Profile: Aalto Page, Google Scholar, Research Gate


Probabilistic Deep Learning Via Hierarchal Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
2018 - ongoing - member

Robust Computational ECG Methods for Automated Diagnosis of Cardiac Diseases from Long-Term Recordings
2017 - ongoing - member

Electrophysiological Monitoring for Digital Healthcare
2017 - ongoing - member


Zheng Zhao, Simo Särkkä and Ali Bahrami Rad. "Spectro-Temporal ECG Analysis for Atrial Fibrillation Detection." 2018 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing. DOI; PDF; CODE

Zheng Zhao and Naigong Y. "An improved quantum particle swarm optimisation and its application on hand kinematics tracking." International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics. 2017. Vol.6, No. 3/4: 266-294. DOI; PDF; CODE


DELTA Autumn Workshop (Oral)
Nov 16, 2018

FCAI AI Day 2018 (Poster)
Dec 12, 2018


ELEC-E8739 AI in Health Technologies (Prof. Leo Kärkkäinen)
Teaching Assistant (2018-2019)

P.O.Box 12200
Work Address:
Room F323
Rakentajanaukio 2c, Espoo
02150 Finland
zheng.zhao $at$ aalto.fi
zz $at$ zabemon.com
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