Representational Similarity Analysis

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This is a Python package for performing representational similarity analysis (RSA) using MNE-Python data structures. The RSA is computed using a “searchlight” approach.

Read more on RSA in the paper that introduced the technique:

Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Marieke Mur and Peter Bandettini (2008). Representational similarity analysis - connecting the branches of systems neuroscience. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 2(4).

Overview of the RSA technique


Here is how to install the package as a user:

pip install git+

Use cases

This is what the package can do for you:

Supported metrics for comparing DSMs:

Juicy bits of the API

def compute_dsm(model, pca=False, metric='correlation', **kwargs)

def rsa_stcs(stcs, model_dsm, src, y=None,
             spatial_radius=0.04, temporal_radius=0.1,
             stc_dsm_metric='correlation', stc_dsm_params=None,
             n_jobs=1, verbose=False)

def rsa_evokeds(evokeds, model_dsm, y=None, noise_cov=None,
                spatial_radius=0.04, temporal_radius=0.1,
                evoked_dsm_metric='correlation', evoked_dsm_params=None,
                n_jobs=1, verbose=False)

def rsa_epochs(epochs, model_dsm, y=None, noise_cov=None,
               spatial_radius=0.04, temporal_radius=0.1,
               epochs_dsm_metric='correlation', epochs_dsm_params=None,
               n_jobs=1, verbose=False)

def rsa_nifti(image, model_dsm, src, y=None,
              image_dsm_metric='correlation', image_dsm_params=None,
              n_jobs=1, verbose=False)

Example usage

Basic example on the EEG “kiloword” data:

import mne
import rsa
data_path = mne.datasets.kiloword.data_path(verbose=True)
epochs = mne.read_epochs(data_path + '/kword_metadata-epo.fif')
# Compute the model DSM using all word properties
dsm_model = rsa.compute_dsm(epochs.metadata.iloc[:, 1:].values)
evoked_rsa = rsa.rsa_epochs(epochs, dsm_model,
                            spatial_radius=0.04, temporal_radius=0.01,


For quick guides on how to do specific things, see the examples.

Finally, there is the API reference documentation.

Integration with other packages

I mainly wrote this package to perform RSA analysis on MEG data. Hence, integration functions with MNE-Python are provided. No integration with nipy yet for fMRI, feel free to submit a PR!


This package aims to be fast and memory efficient. An important design feature is that under the hood, everything operates on generators. The searchlight routines produce a generator of DSMs which are consumed by a generator of RSA values. Parallel processing is also supported, so you can use all of your CPU cores.


Here is how to set up the package as a developer:

git clone
cd mne-rsa
python develop --user