Research group

* Dr. Ana Daz-Rubio
* Dr. Prasad Jayathurathnage
* Dr. Mohammad Sajjad Mirmoosa
* Dr. Ha Van Nam
* Dr. Svetlana Tcvetkova
* Dr. Xuchen Wang
* Francisco Cuesta
* Yining Liu
* Mohamed Mostafa
* Grigorii Ptitsyn
* Al Mahmud Shamsul

Short bios of the group members

Some current and recent external collaborators

* Prof. Igor Semchenko (Gomel State University), Belarus
* Prof. Do-Hoon Kwon, USA
* Prof. Sven Nordebo, Sweden
* Prof. Stefano Maci, Italy
* Prof. Andrey Novitsky, Belarus
* Prof. Steven Cummer, USA
* Prof. Christophe Caloz, Canada
* Prof. Andrea Al, USA
* Prof. Silvio Hrabar, Croatia
* Dr. Andrey Osipov, Germany
* Prof. Constantinos Valagiannopoulos, Kazakhstan


* Dr. Viktar Asadchy, post-doc, Stanford University, USA
* Dr. Joni Vehmas, patent agency Kolster
* Dr. Younes Ra'di, Research Assistant Professor, Advanced Science Research Center, CUNY, USA
* Dr. Pekka Alitalo, National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland
* Dr. Antti Karilainen, Principal Antenna Design Engineer at Huawei Technologies, Finland
* Dr. Olli Luukkonen, Head of R&D and Partner, Fairspectrum; Data Scientist, Tieto
* Dr. Pekka Ikonen, Head of Strategic Marketing at TDK-EPC

Picnic November 2020
(Corona year: keeping social distance (November 6, 2020)

Picnic May 2016
(Hot spring weather, May 10, 2016)

Dmytro Vovchuk leaving Finland
(Exchange student Dmytro Vovchuk leaving the team, 2015)

Group photo December 2013
(Visit of Prof. I. Semchenko, Gomel State University, December 2013 - second from the left.)

Group photo January 2012
(Version of January 2012.)

Group photo
(Note the effective corner reflectors that we wear during our dark Finnish autumn.)

Skiing day
(But we have bright days in March.)

Forest seminar
(We have group seminars every week.)

Recognition of past and present students

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