Postdoctoral and Doctoral Research Positions in Helsinki, Finland

The Artificial Intelligence and Software Systems research group, led by Prof. Dr Jussi Rintanen, has a number of position openings for postdoctoral researchers and Ph.D. students.

The positions are part of the group's research projects that investigate artificial intelligence and formal methods for software production and intelligent software systems.

Positions are offered on two tracks, with the possibility of changing between the two. The basic-research track focuses on research on fundamental topics on A.I., including constraint solving, automated reasoning, and automated planning and decision-making.

The applications track focuses on cutting-edge applications of A.I. technologies, with intelligent software systems and their automated construction as the main objective. The research group is collaborating with a project commercializing break-through A.I. based software synthesis technology (see aitocode).

Research topics:

We are offering: We are looking for: Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a regionally leading technology hub with high living standards. It ranks as one of the most livable cities world-wide. Pleasant summers with long sunlight hours are in a dramatic contrast with cold and dark winters perfect for productively focusing on research to create tomorrow's advanced computing technologies.

Aalto University is the leading technological university in Finland. The computer science department is exceptionally strong also in the European scale, with a research staff of close to 400 and about 45 professors. The official language of Aalto CS is English, with half of the research staff coming from outside Finland, both Europe and overseas.

(April 2019: no positions open currently)

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