Classification Algorithms for Codes and Designs

This is the home page for the monograph " Petteri Kaski and Patric R. J. Östergård, Classification Algorithms for Codes and Designs, Springer, 2006" (ISBN: 3-540-28990-9).

Topic: This monograph considers one of the basic problems in discrete mathematics: given a collection of constraints, describe up to isomorphism all the objects that meet them. Only a handful of classification results for combinatorial objects are dated before the mid-20th century; indeed, it is through modern computers and recent developments in algorithms that this topic has flourished and matured. This monograph is the first comprehensive reference on combinatorial classification algorithms, with emphasis on both the general theory and application to central families of combinatorial objects, in particular, codes and designs.

The monograph is supplemented by a DVD, which provides an exhaustive catalogue of combinatorial objects with small parameters.

Addenda & Errata