Binary optimal rate 1/2 codes

This is the electronic site for the paper "T. A. Gulliver and P. R. J. Östergård, Binary optimal linear rate 1/2 codes, Discrete Mathematics, to appear."

The codes classified in the paper can be obtained electronically here. There are 1535 inequivalent [14,7,4] codes, 1682 inequivalent [20,10,6] codes, and 3 inequivalent [26,13,7] codes. The identity matrix part of the parity check matrix is omitted from the codes listed. That is, only an (n/2) x (n/2) part of the parity check matrix is given. Moreover, this part is transposed (the rows of it are the columns of the parity check matrix). Of course, the matrices can also be taken as parts of generator matrices.

Last update: October 29, 2003 by Patric Östergård.