posted on 20 February 2016

I generally write documents with LaTeX typesetting system and manage my references with BibLaTeX. I converted from plain BibTeX some years ago, mostly due to easier implementation of custom styles, handling of online references and proper unicode support.

When submitting journal articles, plain BibTeX is still de-facto standard amongst those publishers that accept BibTeX submissions. Hence, when I keep my master reference list in BibLaTeX, I must convert it to BibTeX before submitting. This StackExchange question touches the subject, and the accepted answer gives guidelines how to reverse standard BibLaTeX mappings with biber. However, the solution is still half-way as the definitions are not available.

I made a configuration file for converting those BibLaTeX files for journal submission, which you can view here . The file

  • converts the regular types and fields
  • appends patent information to title
  • combines title, subtitle and title add-on
  • puts URL and access date to howpublished field, and
  • empties unnecessary fields.

The actual conversion process is made with command line tool biber. Download biblatex-to-bibtex.conf where biber can find it and then run

$ biber --tool --configfile=biblatex-to-bibtex.conf --output-resolve --output-file=out.bib in.bib

Now you should have nice and clean BibTeX file for submission.

If you find mistakes or have suggestions, please chime in!

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