Petrus Mikkola

M.Sc. (Math.), M.Soc.Sci (Econ.), Doctoral candidate (ML)
Aalto University Probabilistic Machine Learning Group

Room: Konemiehentie 2, 3rd floor, A340
Email: petrus.mikkola(at)
Phone: +358400329055

Personal status

I am a doctoral candidate under the supervision of Prof. Samuel Kaski in Probabilistic Machine Learning group at Aalto University. My research is focused on probabilistic user modeling and human-in-the-loop machine learning. Research topics: probabilistic elicitation (knowledge elicitation, prior elicitation, and preference learning), active learning, and probabilistic decision-making. (ps. the words probabilistic and Bayesian can be used interchangeably)


Mikkola, P., Todorović, M., Järvi, J., Rinke, P., and Kaski, S. (2020). Projective Preferential Bayesian Optimization. In Proceedings of the 37th International Conference on Machine Learning - Volume 119.
ICML'20 proceedings&presentation, arXiv preprint, BibTeX, GitHub


Filstroff, L., Sundin, I., Mikkola, P., Tiulpin, A., Kylmäoja, J. and Kaski, S. (2021). Targeted Active Learning for Bayesian Decision-Making. arXiv preprint.


TA for Kernel Methods in Machine Learning 2021


M.Sc. thesis. Discrete complex analysis of single and multivalued functions on isoradial graphs.
M.Soc.Sci thesis. Endogenous depreciation, the replacement problem, and investment-specific technological change.
B.Soc.Sci thesis. The applicability of the neoclassical microeconomic framework implied by the preference axioms.