Rustam Latypov

I am a first-year PhD student at the Computer Science department of Aalto University, advised by Prof. Jara Uitto.

Research Interests

I work in the area of theoretical computer science, with a focus on distributed computing and algorithms. Other interests include graph theory, linear algebra and optimization. I find elegant proofs to be a virtue in and of themselves.

Besides research, I enjoy trekking, climbing, and film photography.

Contact Information

Email: firstname.lastname 'at'
Office: B315, Computer Science Building
Konemiehentie 2, 02150 Espoo, Finland


Fall 2021



Recent Work

Brief Announcement: Memory Efficient Massively Parallel Algorithms for LCL Problems on Trees Sebastian Brandt, Rustam Latypov and Jara Uitto DISC'21
Deterministic 3-Coloring of Trees in the Sublinear MPC model Rustam Latypov and Jara Uitto Manuscript arXiv