Rustam Latypov

I am a first-year PhD student, advised by Prof. Jara Uitto. Funded by the Computer Science department's competitive funding grant..


My academic interests lie in the field of distributed systems and parallel computing, with an emphasis on the Massively Parallel Computation (MPC) model. Current research revolves around charting the complexity landscape of fundamental graph problems (Locally checkable labeling problems), and exploring the algorithmic applications of powerful probabilistic tools (e.g., Lovász local lemma) in the context of MPC. Other interests include graph algorithms, graph theory and optimization.

I am always up for new topics and collaboration.

Contact Information

Email: firstname.lastname 'at'
Office: B315, Computer Science Building
Konemiehentie 2, 02150 Espoo, Finland


Fall 2021



Recent Work

Brief Announcement: Memory Efficient Massively Parallel Algorithms for LCL Problems on Trees Sebastian Brandt, Rustam Latypov and Jara Uitto DISC 2021 [arXiv] [doi][video]
Coloring Trees in Massively Parallel Computation Rustam Latypov and Jara Uitto Manuscript [arXiv]