MARIENKIRCHE - A visual and aural demonstration film

Presented in SIGGRAPH98's Electronic Theater


A three minute film demonstrates with visual and aural simulation the architectural design of a concert hall. The film starts with a photograph of the cathedral before reconstruction work begun there, and is followed by walk-through in the planned vestibule. At the same time non-auralized, monophonic music is heard in the background and when entering the concert hall, the music becomes auralized. Inside the hall the sound is rendered according to the hall acoustics. The simulated soundscape follows the view of the camera as it moves through the hall.

Technical details

The concert hall model is based on architectural sketches and the film was rendered with 3D StudioMax (models and animation) and Lightscape (radiosity) software. The auralization (i.e. creating the 3-D soundscape and modeling of acoustics) was done with DIVA software. DIVA software models sound propagation from sound source to the listener, taking into account the reflections from walls, floor and ceiling as well as frequency dependent sound absorption in the air. More information about the DIVA auralization system can be found here.


St. Marienkirche, located in Neubrandenburg, Germany is a 13th-century gothic cathedral. It was ruined at the end of World War II. The cathedral is currently being rebuilt as a concert hall. The work will be completed at the year 2000.
Visualization model
The model used in visualization (c) Erkki Rousku

Acustical model
The model used in acoustics modeling


Producer: Tapio Takala, Helsinki University of Technology
Computer Model and Visualization: Erkki Rousku
Sound Rendering: The DIVA sound crew, Tapio Lokki, Lauri Savioja, Jyri Huopaniemi, Riitta Väänänen, Ville Pulkki, Helsinki University of Technology
Architectural Design: Pekka Salminen Architects, Helsinki

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