Alexander Jung

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Aalto University

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"There is Nothing More Practical Than A Good Theory" (Kurt Lewin)

Compressed Sensing over Complex Networks for Learning from Big Data (CSLeBiD)

My current research revolves around applying the theory and algorithmics of compressed sensing to massive datasets with intrinsic network structure, i.e., to big data over networks. In particular, I am interested in the relations between concepts of the theory of complex networks (e.g., clustering, percolation) and the theory of sparse graph signals defined over such complex networks. The combination of compressed sensing with modern clustering algorithms is expected to be game changing for (semi-supervised) learning from big data over networks in a similar manner as compressed sensing was for digital signal processing.

Complex Networks and Systems
I am co-organizing the complex systems and networks seminar of the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University.

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