Juha Itkonen

Researcher, D.Sc. (Tech.)

Aalto University
School of Science
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Software Process Research Group

+358 50 577 1688

I'm a postdoc researcher and a teacher in the Software Process Research Group (SPRG) at CSE Department (SoberIT). I did my doctoral research on exploratory and experience based software testing that has been my main research interest. In my current research I am focusing also on the challenges of creating quality in large-scale agile development context.

I spent 2013 6 months as a visiting researcher at SINTEF, Trondheim, Norway.

I have completed my doctoral dissertation "Empirical Studies on Exploratory Software Testing" in 2011.

Research Interests

Research Projects

Currently I'm involved in two large research projects Finnish national Need 4 Speed and EU funded international U-QASAR project. Earlier I have worked in ESPA research project where we researched software quality practices and quality improvement issues. ESPA builds on the research and experiences of the previous SHAPE and SEMS research projects.

A fascinating open source project and a recent start-up is the Agilefant.org project. Agilefant is a next-generation tool for managing agile software development. Agilefant.org had been developed in our department since 2004.

Teaching Activities


You can browse summaries of my selected publications in my Wiki pages. (also full text available for most articles)

Selected publications

Itkonen, J., Mäntylä M. V., "Are Test Cases Needed? Replicated Comparison between Exploratory and Test-Case-Based Software Testing", Empirical Software Engineering Journal, in press, June 2013. DOI: 10.1007/s10664-013-9266-8. (details and pdf)

Itkonen J., Mäntylä M. V., Lassenius C., "The Role of the Tester’s Knowledge in Exploratory Software Testing", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol. 39(5), pp. 707 - 724, 2013. DOI:10.1109/TSE.2012.55 (link to publisher's site) (details and pdf)

Mäntylä M. V. and Itkonen J., "More testers – The effect of crowd size and time restriction in software testing", Information and Software Technology, vol. 55(6), pp. 986–1003, 2013. (link to publisher's site) (details and pdf)

Mäntylä, M. V., Itkonen, J., Iivonen, J., "Who Tested My Software? Testing as an Organizationally Cross-Cutting Activity", Software Quality Journal, vol. 20(1), pp. 145-172, 2012. (link)

Itkonen J., "Empirical Studies on Exploratory Software Testing", Doctoral dissertation, Aalto University School of Science, Novembr 2011. (summary pdf)

Itkonen J, M. V. Mäntylä and C. Lassenius. "How Do Testers Do It? An Exploratory Study on Manual Testing Practices", International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement, 2009.

Itkonen, J. "Do test cases really matter? An experiment comparing test case based and exploratory testing". Licentiate Thesis. Helsinki University of Technology, 2008. (pdf)

Itkonen, J., M. V. Mäntylä and C. Lassenius. "Defect Detection Efficiency: Test Case Based vs. Exploratory Testing", in proceedings of the International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement, pp. 61-70, 2007.

Itkonen, J. and K. Rautiainen. "Exploratory Testing: A Multiple Case Study", in Proceedings of the International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering (ISESE 2005), pp. 84-93, 2005.

Full list of my publications

Hobbies and Interests

I also like sports like cycling, cross-country skiing, in-line skating, and kayaking - my approach to sports is more enjoying the nature than striving for competition or results, even though I'm a little bit obsessed to measuring and logging all activities. I used to enjoy scuba diving in murky and exciting Finnish waters as well as in clear-blue waters and breath-taking coral reefs around the world. You can find some of the best shots of these underwater experiences on our underwater photo pages and Flickr.

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