Machine Learning Research Group

We are a machine learning research group at Aalto University lead by Arno Solin. We are affiliated with the Department of Computer Science (School of Science at Aalto) and the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI).

We focus on both theory and practice. Our goal is to develop new methods and algorithms that are able to adapt/learn from data but also obey structural or principal constraints. The research has a probabilistic (some say Bayesian) twist with a focus on uncertainty quantification and emphasis on scalable and even real-time inference. Even though we develop theory (methods and algorithms), we want to come up with things that actually work and can be shown to work even on limited hardware such as smart devices. This links the interest to information fusion where observations from different modalities (e.g., vision and movement) are combined.


Principal Investigator

Arno Solin

Assistant Professor

Senior Researchers

Vincent Adam

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ari Heljakka

Postdoctoral Researcher

Martin Trapp

Postdoctoral Researcher

William J. Wilkinson

Postdoctoral Researcher

Otto Seiskari

Project Researcher

Pekka Rantalankila

Software Engineer

Jerry Ylilammi

Software Engineer

Doctoral Students

Paul Chang

Doctoral Student

Lassi Meronen

Doctoral Student

Ella Tamir

Doctoral Student

Santiago Cortés

Doctoral Student

with J. Kannala

Yuxin Hou

Doctoral Student

with J. Kannala

Joel Jaskari

Doctoral Student

with K. Kaski and S. Särkkä

Interns and Research Assistants

Prakhar Verma

M.Sc. thesis worker

Harsh Dolhare



  • Christabella Irwanto (M.Sc. thesis worker)
  • Yaowei Li (M.Sc. thesis worker)
  • Johan Jern (M.Sc. thesis worker)
  • Muhammad Kamran Janjua (Summer Intern)
  • Ferran Montraveta Roca (Summer Intern)

Funding and support

We acknowledge the computational resources provided by the Aalto Science-IT project and CSC, and support and help from NVIDIA AI Technology Center (NVAITC) Finland, Saab Finland, BusinessFinland, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT), and the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI).

We acknowledge funding from the Academy of Finland:

  • Shallow models meet deep vision (grant id 324345)
  • Sequential inference for real-time probabilistic modelling (grant id 308640)

How to join

The main route for hiring doctoral students is through the HICT call (twice yearly). Prospective doctoral students with strong background in stats/maths/ML can also contact Arno directly, but due to email load, I might not answer all emails.

Prospective post-doc candidates can contact Arno directly (with a CV, motivation letter, and research statement). Contracts are typically made for either one or two years. Positions are research-based and candidates are expected to have previous experience in publishing in relevant venues. We also participate in calls for post-docs in specific topic areas.

We hire summer interns and research assistants through the department call (local students) and the international Aalto ASci call. Arno also supervises M.Sc. theses at Aalto and occasionally also B.Sc. theses related to research topics in the group.