(Alstringskraftiga kolleger)
Pictures produced by my colleagues

Wet snow in Austria (Armin Denoth)
Surface hoar on a lake ice in Moosseedorf, Switzerland (Christian Mätzler)
Lycurgus cup without and with flash (from my visit to the British museum)
From my backyard
February 2005 in Finland (Aurich Jeltsch)
Thin section of multi-year hummock ice (Mohammed Shokr)
Quartzite (layered sand) (Bengt Söderholm)
Dolerite (diabase), ophitic structure (Bengt Söderholm)
Schist (Bengt Söderholm)
Stone in snow (Christian Mätzler)
Snow cut, width 16 cm (Christian Mätzler)
Another snow cut, height 13 cm (Christian Mätzler)
A rare snow crystal ... no, a cup! (Miia Eskelinen)
Founding fathers of URSI, 1914, Brussels (courtesy of Frank Olyslager)
Popov-building in Nizny Novgorod (Gorki) (Tuomas Paloposki)
Popov museum in St. Petersburg (Ari Sihvola)
Archemedean convex polyhedra (Johannes Kepler)
Levitation (Jere Knuuttila)
Magnetometric experiments with Jukka Venermo
In Sahara
during a scientific conference
during another
and still another
opening ceremony of TKK, 2002 (Voces Flatium Veterium)
opening ceremony of TKK, 2003
opening ceremony of the TKK, 2005
opening ceremony of the TKK, 2008
Main building of TKK, in 1877
EE Department of TKK in ??