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Antti Ylä-Jääski
  Antti Ylä-Jääski, D.Sc.(Tech.)

Professor (tenured), Vice Head of Department(teaching)
Mobile and Distributed Systems
Department of Computer Science, Aalto University School of Science

Room: A121, Computer Science building  (building #30 on the map)
Street address: Konemiehentie 2, FI-02150 Espoo, Finland
Postal address: P.O.Box 15400, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland
Phone: +358 50 512 2737    
Email: antti.yla-jaaski(at)aalto.fi   View Tapio Lokki's profile on LinkedIn
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[20.12.2019] Antti received the 3rd Best Course of the Department of Computer Science Prize CS-E4002 Special Course in Computer Science: Huawei-Aalto 48h AR Hackathon in the category of small courses.

[30.6.2019] An article Folo: Latency and Quality Optimized Task Allocation in Vehicular Fog Computing published in IEEE Internet of Things Journal.

[30.6.2019] An article Energy-aware QoE and Backhaul Traffic Optimization in Green Edge Adaptive Mobile Video Streaming published in IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking.

Research, Publications, and Scientific Activities

Research interest, currently my primary research interests include mobile cloud computing, mobile multimedia systems, pervasive computing and communications, indoor positioning and navigation, energy efficient communications and computing, and Internet of Things.

Major research projects


Other major scientific activities

Awards to Antti's students



I'm one of the responsible professors of the Software Systems and Technologies study track in Computer Science major. In particular, I'm the responsible lecturer at the following courses: In the past I was responsible professor at the following courses:
  • CS-E4000 - Seminar in Computer Science: Internet, Data and Things, since 2002
  • CS-E4140 - Applications and Services in Interne since 2008
  • CS-E4160 - Laboratory Works in Networking and Security since 2002
  • CS-E4170 - Mobile Systems Programming, 2018, since 2008
  • CS-E4130 - Computer Networks II - Advanced Features, 2016, 2008-2016
  • T-110.5140 - Network Application Frameworks, 2002-2015


Computer Science / Software Systems and Technologies  –   Master's programme CCIS  –   WebOodi  –  MyCourses


Other Activities

  • Chairman of the board VimAI Ltd (one of the 5 founders since 2017)

Hobbies: golf (Master Golf), skiing (alpine and cross-country), tennis, gardening

Old News

  • [14.6.2016] Nokia Center for Advanced Research (NCAR) in UUSITEKNOLOGIA.fi started, with professor Sasu Tarkoma as the director and professor Antti Ylä-Jääski as the deputy director.

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